SUP Season

SUP?! You may be wondering what in the world SUP Season even means. It means Stand Up Paddle boarding. As soon as the temps in the PNW start getting above 70 its time to start getting into warmer weather mode and get outside more! If you are from the PNW you know that it might be 85 one day and then 65 and gloomy the next. So you have to take advantage of the nice weather as soon as it hits!


Mid May is when the temps started to rise and we were able to break out the shorts and sandals! So of course I pulled my Paddle Board out of the shed and took it to the local lake. I have a Body Glove inflatable Paddle Board and I absolutely LOVE it. I didn’t want to have to deal with getting a rack for my car so inflatable was the way to go for me. It doesn’t feel any less stable than a hard sided one. Everyone is honestly always impressed once it’s blown up and they see how sturdy it is. Pro tip invest in an electric pump for your car! It is a lifesaver. Last summer I used the hand pump and it hurt my back and I was always sweaty before I got on the lake. You plug the pump into your car and set the PSI and let it go to work and in about 10 minutes your board is ready to go! You can usually find me snacking or putting tanning lotion on during this time.


I always go to the small local lake by work. They don’t allow motor boats on it which is why I prefer it so I don’t have to worry about getting plowed over by a boat. It also makes for very calm waters. The lake is packed with other paddle boarders or kayakers  but it is still so peaceful out there. I love going with a friend, but I also enjoy going by myself! It is so relaxing and therapeutic out there. I also bought a water proof blue tooth speaker and its so nice to have my music a bit louder while I am out there. I just always hope it drowns out my terrible singing.


Paddle boarding is supposed to work your whole body however I don’t ever feel like I am working out while I am out there which is nice! Sometimes I am too leisurely of a paddler, I paddle to one side of the lake then lay on my board and tan for a while and then keep repeating that as I go back and forth to both sides of the lake. If I do too much of that I throw a few squats or push ups in there so I feel like I am actually getting some sort of workout in.
Most people are probably thinking you have to be an expert balancer however if you have a good board it really doesn’t seem to take a lot of balance skill. Really anyone can do this I feel. It takes a little bit of getting used to, so if you are just starting out start out on your knees and then work your way up to standing. I had done it about 3 times before I decided to buy my board so I watched some YouTube videos to get a little better at it.


If you haven’t tried Paddle Boarding I highly recommend you find one to rent and give it a try this summer! It is one of my favorite summer activities. Last year was a hard year and this provided such a good escape to go out and not focus on what is going on in your life but focus on nature and being outside enjoying God’s creation.


Padde board


Below is a similar board to mine. I got mine last summer at Costco so its a different color and its also $100 cheaper than last summer so its such a good deal! Considering on Body Gloves website my board was selling for $900!!! Costco also has the best return policy so that’s also why I like to make big purchases from them.′-Inflatable-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-Package.product.100408628.html

Below is the link for the waterproof speaker! Unfortunately the pump I ordered on amazon is all sold out and they are unsure if it will return 😦


Another must have out there is my water proof bag so I can bring my phone and my car key!




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