Sun Kissed Glow

Anyone else love to have a tan year round? I personally do! I used to tan in the tanning beds when I was younger but I always knew they weren’t the best for you. So off and on over the years I would try the Versa Spray tan at the local tanning salon but they always left me orange and splotchy. I looked like I had a skin disease, it was not a good look.

So over the years I tried to find the best self tanners that didn’t leave you orange and streaky and looking like an ompha loompah. Tanning lotions have definitely come a long ways over the years.

Here are my steps to make sure you get a streak free natural looking tan!

1- Exfoliate and shave before starting! This step is a must. You need to get the dead skin off so the self tanner goes on smoothly.

2- Use lotion on your elbows, knees, feet and hands. These parts of our bodies can be a little drier therefore the self tanner could look darker and weird in these places.

3- Use a mitt! No one wants their palms to look like they just bathed them in a bag of Cheetos.

4- Start applying the self tanner! I always start at my legs. Use circular motions and make sure you are blending it all in. Once I have worked my way up my body and applied it all over, I do a second coat to give myself a darker tan.

5- I do my hands last and only do one coat on those.

6- To get the darkest tan I leave it on all night and shower in the morning! After you apply it you may look extra dark depending on the self tanner you are using. But don’t worry after you shower you will look more normal.

7- After a couple days the self tanner on my face starts to come off from washing it so once that happens I reapply it after a couple days.

I have been using the Fake Bake Self tanner for a while know. I really like it but I feel like it can be a little orange. But this one goes on really easy and I have never had any streaks with it!

A few bloggers I follow have been raving about Bondi Sands. So I decided to give it a go! It smells SO good! Makes me feel like I am on the beach. When you put this on it looks very dark brown or almost black when you put it on your skin which is a bit frightening. This one doesn’t spread as well as the Fake Bake. The first use I did 2 coats and when I woke up in the morning it didn’t look much darker than when I first put it on. I felt like it doesn’t darken a ton after you apply it. A couple days later I applied a third coat on my arms as I felt like I wasn’t as dark as I was hoping. It took a little playing around with but I think I have it down! I would definitely recommend this one, but maybe not for a newbie with self tanner. It would be harder to mess up!







Hope you enjoyed my tips to getting a glow year round! I always feel like I look so much healthier with a little color on my skin!





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