Skin Care Routine

I wish I had perfect skin…but sadly I have never had perfect skin. I was always jealous of the girls that had perfectly clear skin while growing up as I was not one of those! My mom has sold Mary Kay pretty much my whole life so I have always had access to good skin care products. So most of the products I use are Mary Kay since I can get them so easily from her.


I have been using the Clear Proof line ever since it came out a few years ago. Morning and night I use the cleanser, toner, facial serum and moisturizer.




I never ever go to bed without taking my make up off. This happens maybe two times a year and only if I stay out too late and am too lazy and I feel like I always breakout a bit more. By leaving your make up on regularly while sleeping it can cause premature ageing. I don’t know about you but I am trying to prevent premature ageing as much as I can! During the day we attract dirt and dust(yuck) so when you sleep in your make up that is all being trapped on your face for even longer.


Even when you wash your face you don’t always get all of your make up off. This is one of the reasons I love using toner. I can almost always see a bit of make up on the cotton ball after I have ran it over my face. Toner helps remove excess oil, helps keep your pores clean and helps exfoliate dead surface skin cells. Definitely an important step in my opinion!


After my toner I use the Clear Proof Pore Purifying Serum. This helps to control shine and help prevent new breakouts and also helps keep your pores unclogged. I need all the help I can get when it comes to my skin, so even though its an extra step, its necessary for me!


The last thing I use morning and night is Moisturizer. Based off the name we all know what this does for our skin. Not using a moisturizer can lead to dull and flaky skin especially in the winter. I know here in the PNW it gets really cold here in the winter so sometimes I switch out my moisturizer for a more intense one if I notice my skin starting to get dry.


I am very bad about remembering to use my eye cream every night. But I know it’s important to start young to try and prevent lines. So my goal is to actually remember to use it every night! If you cant tell I really want to try and look young forever LOL. Not sure if that will happen but my dad is half Japanese and whenever people find out how old he is they don’t believe it! So I am hoping I inherited some of those good genes!


I wish I could say I am better about remembering to do face masks on the regular. I tend to go through phases where I do them a couple times a week and then I’ll get lazy and go a week or so without doing one.




My favorite mask right now is the Charcoal face mask again from the Clear Proof line. You have probably seen everyone raving about activated charcoal and it lives up the hype! It smells like you ate at the spa. I love this mask because you can see it pulling out the gunk from your skin! If I feel like I am breaking out really bad I slather this mask on and it helps my breakouts clear up quicker. If  I have a really big planet on my face I will use the mask as a spot treatment and sleep with it on. It also helps reduce shine, which I can always use help with! This is really one of my favorite masks.


The other mask I use is the TimeWise Repair Revealing Radiance Peel. I have never had a facial peel at a spa as I don’t want to deal with the red peeling skin I have heard people talk about. I am sure they do wonders for your skin but don’t have time to deal with that right now! So this is a perfect alterative you can do at home in your sweats. This make my skin feel SO soft. It removes dead skin cells and helps fight against wrinkles. Which as you know by this point that I am about trying to fight those wrinkles.


Exfoliating is another one of my fave things to do a few times a week, I do this more often as I can do it when I am in the shower! Mary Kay does have a microderm which I use but I also used the Dr Brandts microderm as I got it in my Fabfitfun box and I really loved that one too. I like to use this in the shower in the morning a couple times a week. Sloughing off all that dead skin makes your make up go on sooo much better!


Over the past year or so I do feel like my skin has cleared up and I feel like I can contribute a lot of that to diet. I went to get a facial years ago and she asked if I ate a lot of dairy and I ate an average amount at that time. She told me that dairy can make some peoples skin break out. At that point I didn’t really do anything about cutting dairy out but when I did the Whole30 diet a couple times over the past couple years I always noticed my skin would clear up drastically. So when I went plant based I expected to have completely clear skin from cutting out dairy full time. That hasn’t been the case but I have fewer and fewer breakouts. When I also am really good about cutting sugar out as well I feel like I see more of a difference.


If you have any skin care tips I would love to hear them!







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