A Day in Portland

I love a good day of exploring a city I haven’t spent a ton of time in! Portland is about 3 hours from where I live so its not bad for a day trip. My friend Sophia and I had been planning to go down there for a couple of months so we started researching all the cute things to go see and of course take pics in front of!
Of course every day of exploring needs to start off with coffee! We stopped at the Olympia Coffee Roasters close to my friends house. I got a Vanilla Oat milk latte. I am obsessed with Oat milk. I get it every opportunity I get! It is so tasty! After we were all fueled up we hit to road.


Our first official Portland stop was Presso Coffee. Literally the cutest coffee shop I’ve ever been to in my life! They had a super cute floral wall paper wall. Hello Instagram photo shoot time! Everyone one in there was taking lots of pics so no shame in the game haha. Of course I had to get the Avocado toast. SO GOOD! I don’t think I’ve had an avocado toast I haven’t liked. Went with my go to coffee- Vanilla latte with coconut milk. I wish I would of looked a the menu more as they had a lavender charcoal latte! Hopefully they have that next time I go as I will be back!

Presso Coffee- 2020 McCellan St Portland, OR


After our bellies were happy we ventured onto a nearby mountain mural. Sophia found this one and it was so cute! The colors were nice and bright, and the road wasn’t busy so we were able to get super good pics! There was a little parking lot right before the mural too so it made it super easy!

DSCF0514.jpg                                             7170 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR


I am obsessed with cactus and succulents as of lately, so we found a super cute floral shop called Solabee. These kind of stores make me so happy! There prices were so good too! I got two cactus plants for $18. We will see how long I can keep them alive however. I could of spent hours in there hanging out among the plants.

Solabee Flowers and Botanical 801 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217


After we got our plant fill, we set out to find a really cute record shop called Jack Merchant…however once we got to the location we walked all around and even asked another business were it was and she had never heard of it. So we googled it again and it said it was permanently closed 😦


The next stop was Pie Spot! We mainly went their to take pics in front of the cute Flamingo mural! But since were we there of course we had to check out the pie. They had one vegan pie option which was a Marion berry. I am not a huge fan of Marion berry so I skipped the pie, and saved my appetite for other goodies. Sophia got a Chocolate Peanut butter pie. I had to have just a tiny bite. Holy moly it was amazing! I need to find a vegan chocolate peanut butter pie recipe to try and recreate that. It was double bonus there was another cute mural in the same parking lot as Pie Spot.


The Pie Spot- 521 Ne 24th Ave Portland, OR


I have been seeing a video of a Vegan Mini Mart all over Facebook lately. Its in Portland so I was extremely excited to go check out their food options! They have a store called Herbivore with clothes, bags, tons of cook books and other things. I was most excited about the Sweatpea Baking Co. I love sweets and finding good vegan options makes my little heart happy! I really wanted the cinnamon roll but sadly they were all out by the time we got there. So I settled for a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie which was pretty tasty! I also got a side of their potato salad. WOW so good. Even Sophia who is not vegan liked it. She got a lemon bar and it was good but was a little tart and could of been a bit sweeter.

Sweet Pea Baking CO 1205 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214


Food Fight Grocery store-= Vegan store heaven. It was super small in there but they had a ton of options! Vegan cheese, vegan sweets, vegan baking alternatives, vegan soft serve which was out until spring(super sad) and easy microwave options. I didn’t have anyway to store perishable stuff so I only left with Earth Balance Cheese Its. So good! I always get a little nervous to try vegan cheese alternatives cause sometimes they can taste weird.


Another cute coffee shop we had wanted to go to was called Good Coffee. We were a little coffeeied out by this point so we got a Kombucha. It was one of the best Kombucha’s I have had. I don’t like kombucha when it has a vinergy taste and this one didn’t have that at all. It was super smooth.


Good Coffee 4747 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

Portland is know for its food trucks so we went a little food truck area we had passed earlier. There was a lot of different cuisines and all of them had vegan options but none of them sounded super good at the moment so I went with my standby option, which is fries! Super cute food truck too! They had tons of tables with fire pits in the middle to keep you warm! It started hailing while we were eating so thankfully they had a huge covered tent area. Super nice since the trust bi polar PNW weather.


Potato Champion 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214


I feel like another Portland essential place to visit is the Ace hotel. It was a nice little break to sit and rest our feet and look at all the pics we had taken that day.


Ace Hotel 1022 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

Keeping on the subject of Portland essentials is Powell’s bookstore. It’s claimed to be the largest new and used book store in the world! I am not a big reader so we just popped in walked around and left. We had been there before. But always fun to check it out for a bit.


We found a cute minty flower mural on Instagram but they didn’t tag their location and didn’t respond to my comment when I asked where it was. But on our way to Powell’s we spotted that cute wall! It is across the street from Powell’s and Sizzle pie.



I mean you have to take advantage of the no sales tax while there right?! We both got super pretty dresses on major clearance at Anthropology.


You know shopping works up an appetite. Sophia found a Cookie Dough bar which I have been wanting to try for a while but just haven’t found one close! Portland is very vegan friendly so the had a vegan Brownie Batter cookie dough. AMAZING! I loved how almost everywhere we went they had at least one vegan option.IMG_9385

The Cookie Dough Cafe 120 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209


So another fail was not noticing that the Portland night market was only a one time thing a couple weeks earlier. Our GPS was telling us we were there but couldn’t find it…once again we looked up the website and it wasn’t happening that weekend. I just said we were getting the full tour of Portland.


We were planning on getting food there so we didn’t really think of anything place we wanted to go for dinner. But you can never go wrong with Thai food. We still had our paid parking for a while so we went back to that parking lot and walked over to the large food truck area and they had multiple Thai trucks. There was two right next to each other so I pulled up Yelp real quick to see which one had better reviews. We both got Pad Thai at Fresh Thai Wok. Really good Pad Thai. Also only $8 bucks for a good sized portion.


Can’t wait to go back to Portland again and explore more and find even more cute places!







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