Thailand- Part 5

Ahh the final part of my Thailand trip, sad face!!! At the end of this post I am going to do a trip breakdown and my tips!


Our relaxing days in Koh Samui had come to an end and we only had a day and a half left in Bangkok. After we landed in Bangkok we got our Uber and on the way to the hotel he rear-ended someone in stop and go traffic and got out and yelled at the guy in the car he hit! Traffic was insane there! He got back in the car and didn’t even mention one thing about hitting him and asking if we were ok. It was the weirdest thing!!


We checked into our hotel and it was pretty nice! The downside is it wasn’t close to anything!  All the Uber and cab drivers also had such a hard time finding it, so we always had to drive around for a while until they could figure out where they were going.


We were off to meet up with Matt and Jen for the day so they could show us around! We wanted to get food first and I just wanted McDonalds, at that point I was craving a burger and some fries!  So we found one on GPS that looked closed so we got into the cab and it seemed like it took forever to get there. The driver dropped us off at this mall and we couldn’t find a McDonalds anywhere! Even just trying to get into the actual mall was quite and adventure.  I was disappointed as I just wanted some fries LOL.


So we found some other American food but it wasn’t the same, when your mind is set on something. This mall was huge and soo packed!! Way to many people for my liking. We walked around for a bit but it was a bit overwhelming. Our friends were staying in a condo so we gave the cab driver all the info but he was so confused as to where to go. So we had Matt call us so he could tell him in Thai were to go. After we got there we got in another cab to head to the floating markets, and guess what!!!! This cab driver rear-ended someone too! Bangkok was really off to a bang! Sorry had to throw that cheesy line in there. Thankfully this driver asked if we were ok and was nicer about it.


Since it takes soo long to get anywhere in the city by the time we got there the floating market was closed. This wasn’t something we were originally planning on doing so it wasn’t super disappointing. Matt knew all the good food so he picked up some weird little ball things to eat, and they were soooo good!  We ended up taking a boat down the canal into the city instead of taking a cab or the subway. It was cool and we saw some big snakes in the water. NO THANKS!

I can’t tell you what these were, but they were so good!


Our plan after that was to go to a nice rooftop bar! I thought we would have time to go back to the hotel and change but again since everywhere took so long to get too it would of taken forever to go back and get ready. So we went in what we were wearing. I had printed shorts on and a t-shirt. They denied me into the bar, they had a very strict dress code. Thankfully Jen had a black cami in her bag and I went and put that on as a skirt and they let me in. So my new traveling hack is to carry a black cami around in case you need it for something! The views up there were so cool! The drinks were tasty however they were about $25 a pop which was probably what we spent every 3 days on food. So it was a bit shocking but you are paying for the view.



Later that night I wanted to go to Kao San road which is a super popular road in Bangkok. However, my Uber driver got super lost and went way outside of Bangkok. I thought for sure that’s where I was going to die, so after that long adventure the night ended back up at the hotel. Basically just got driven all around for nothing! It was quite the ending to the trip!


Overall Bangkok is just a big busy city and I wouldn’t go back. I am just not into the big city feel and would rather spend my time enjoying the local culture and not sitting in traffic for hours.


The trip really did go by so fast! We spent about 14 days total plus 2 days to get to and from. We made so many memories and we all travelled so incredibly well together. Who you travel with is really such a big factor to your trip! I know there are so many other areas to check out in Thailand so if I ever go back I would for sure go to Chiang Mai, Phi Phi and Koh Tao as well as checking out some of the other islands and beach towns!


Breakdown of cost

Flight – $ 750

Flights & Ferry Rides within Thailand – $430ish

Hotels- $470- This was just my portion as all the hotels were split either 2 or 3 ways

I honestly don’t recall how much spending money I went with. But everything is so cheap! You can eat for $5 dollars a day if you really wanted to. I probably spent more than this, when I go on vacation I tend to eat all the time! I do feel like I spent less overall than I was expecting! That’s always a good thing!


The cashmere scarves make great gifts for friends and family back home! They are so gorgeous and super easy to pack! I almost always bring back a few shot glasses to hand out as gifts to. I also bought some Thai alcohol I gave to a few people with the shot glasses. I have a  few bottles hanging around myself that I have yet to open! Like I mentioned in another post I always try and bring back a piece of jewelry from a trip, but I also always bring back a Starbucks mug! I love having a reminder of all the places I have been while I am sipping my morning coffee.


Thanks for bearing with me on this long journey of Thailand posts! It really is so fun to be able to revisit all the memories of trip!


Breakdown of time spent at each location

Chiang Mai- 3 days

Krabi- 3 days

Phi Phi- 2 days

Koh Samui- 5 days

Bangkok- 1 day



My Top Thailand Tips!

– Even though the cab drivers speak English they don’t always understand so use your GPS and if they aren’t going to right way let them know. You will get taken to the wrong location at least once.

– Walk away if they don’t want to accept what you want to pay for a cab ride.. They will try and rip you off. Chiang Mai and Bangkok have Uber and it was cheap! We also downloaded GrabTaxi, it never worked to get us a taxi but gave us a price to go off of and barter with, so we knew if we were getting ripped off or not.

– Eat all the food! They say don’t eat the fresh fruit but believe me you would be missing out if you didn’t. We ate fresh fruit and smoothie’s multiple times a say. Street food is also amazing! Just use common sense and if there’s no one there or they don’t look sanitary skip it.

– Bring activated charcoal in case you get tummy troubles! I also took probiotics before my trip for a while and while I was there.

– Get to know the locals and find out about their lives! This is one of my favorite things about travelling.


– Get a Thai sim card when you get there. That way you will always have access to the internet. Trust me it comes in so handy! A lot of places do have Wifi, but it was still no nice to be able to use our phones whenever. This cost about $30 for the whole time.



Hope you all get to go at some point and experience pure happiness in Thailand!



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