Thailand- Part 4

Unfortunately after Phi Phi, Martha was headed home so it was just Caitlin and I. We definitely missed our Martha after she left. She gave us lots of good laughs. After we took a ferry ride back to Krabi,  We parted ways at the airport. The airline offered a lounge for us to hang out in and it included snacks. So that’s always a win in my book!


Caitlin and I were head to Koh Samui for about 5 days. It was nice to just plop down in one location for a more than 2-3 days. Koh Samui had the literal cutest outdoor airport! As soon as we were leaving the airport we were already in love with the Island. It had such a laid back island vibe.


We hardly went to the beach while we were here as we had a super nice pool at the hotel and it was nice to not have to go far or be able to go back to the room at any point if we needed to. The hotel also had pretty good food! There was a corner store right by the hotel too and I cant even tell you how many ice creams we consumed while we were there. The lady got so used to us one night we were there and I didn’t have enough change and she told me to just go finish my ice cream and come back later to pay. The trust there is so cool!



Caitlin had friends from back home that were also in Koh Samui the same time as us! So we had a pool day with Matt and Jen at their hotel, they  had a super nice pool and a really pretty beach! They stayed at the Ibis and I would totally stay there next time. Plus they had happy hour at the pool bar and drinks were buy 1 get 1 free I believe. Such good Pina Coladas! Cant pass us a good deal on drinks!


When I woke up that morning my stomach was not happy and lets just say I spent most of the morning in the bathroom. I brought activated charcoal with me as I heard that was good if you had tummy trouble so I took a couple of those and we headed out to hang with our friends. This was the only time I got a little sick and it wasn’t bad. Let me tell you I was sooooo worried about getting seriously ill while we were there because I heard so many stories about the food. But this wasn’t bad at all, and i narrowed it down to the place we ate dinner the night before. It was a bummer since the food was so good!


The beach at the Ibis had a cute little old boat on the beach were they were cooking up some chicken and egg rolls. Probably the best chicken and egg rolls I’ve ever had! Even though my stomach was a little iffy that day I couldn’t not eat all the amazing food. The food is just so fresh there!  This was such a fun day hanging out with them and their kids playing in the pool all day.



After our pool day with them we went back to our hotel and got cleaned up for dinner and by this I mean we probably showered put on a little make up and could care less about our hair. It was so hot all the time we kind of gave up on trying to look super put together all the time since we knew we’d just be sweating all the time. We got in a taxi and told the lady where we needed to go and told her what we wanted to pay and she agreed then she got on the phone to find out where the place was and she wanted to up the price and we said no and started to get out so she backtracked and agreed to the original price. So she pulled away and about 100 feet later pulled over and told us to get out because she saw a group of other people she could likely get to pay more but we warned them she was crazy. We found another taxi to give us a ride to where we were going to meet our friends for dinner, well turns out they took us to the wrong place. There were about 3 of the same restaurants and even though we specified which one we needed to go too they still took us to the wrong place but we didn’t know it for sure until we verified our friends weren’t there. We ate there anyways since we were starving but it was kind of in the middle of nowhere and was spendy to get back to our hotel. We tried to negotiate with them but they wouldn’t budge so we just bit the bullet and paid the higher price. A lot of times I think the cab drivers pretended to not understand you or lie about the meters not working to get you to pay more. The father along in the trip the more confident we got in our skills and started to walk away and then they would normally offer to take you for the price you wanted. But sometimes you just want to get to where you are going and not have to talk to a ton of different people to get to the next place.

The next day our friends rented a car and picked us up and took us to a cool waterfall in the jungle. It was so cool to explore more of the island. We stopped along the way at a little hut that said homemade chocolate. Let me tell ya it was some of the best cholate I’ve ever had!! It was so nice having Matt since he knew all the really good food to try that we wouldn’t of gotten if it weren’t for him. After this we went to dinner at with them at the correct place we were supposed to meet them the night before! Even though it was the same place it was way nicer and at a cute little shopping village. We got drinks out of a VW can converted into a bar before dinner. Can you say goals?!


Since we had so many days on Koh Samui we decided to take a ferry over to Koh Tao. We had met a group of super nice Australians on our boat tour on Phi Phi island and they happened to be on the same ferry over to Koh Tao that day as well! They knew of a really pretty view point hike and invited us to join them, we didn’t really know what there was to do there, so we headed up with them. We definitely weren’t dressed for hiking. Flip flops aren’t the best for a steep hike. This hike was short but pretty steep and there was a rope to help you up so you know its intense LOL. But it was over pretty quick, and the view did not disappoint. I mean it was breathtaking up there.  After the hike we went to the beach and rented snorkel gear as that is the one thing we heard about Koh Tao was the snorkeling was a must do. It was pretty but not the best snorkeling I’ve ever done. After that we ate at the restaurant on the beach they had a bar and then an open deck over the water. It was so fun to sit and relax in the sun after hiking and snorkeling.

Koh Tao lookout. A MUST!
On the way up to the lookout.

On Friday night we went back to the Fisherman’s wharf to walk around and go to a cute beach bar we spotted last time we were there. They happened to have a night market on Fridays! It was so fun to walk around and be surrounded by loads of fresh food options! Naturally I got pad thai, I love that they make the food right there in front of you specific for you and its so fresh! I also god a super pretty ring at this market! I wear it almost every day. I love getting a piece of jewelry every where I travel so I always have good memories attached to it. Also got this super cute dress there!


After we walked around the market we went to the beach bar! They had swings at the bar but they were all full so we headed to the beach as they had big pillows and low tables to sit at. It was so relaxing! I don’t remember what we got to drink but they brought them in what looked like a Pyrex measuring cup, it was cracking me up!



You have to eat the Thai pancakes! It is basically like a crepe they fill with whatever you want and fry it up on a skillet. Our fave was banana and Nutella. We had the best thai pancakes right outside our hotel, made by the sweetest man. Mr. Choy had been making these for about 26 years and was able to support his family with his business.



I was pretty sad to leave Samui as it started to feel like home. I felt incredible safe there and even walked around by myself one morning while Caitlin slept in. Of course I found the cutest café on the last morning. They had the best breakfast sandwich and the most amazing coffee I had the whole trip!


  • Ibis Hotel
  • Fishermans Wharf
  • Night Market at Fishermans Wharf of Friday night
  • Banana and Nutella Pancake

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