Top 3 Fave Drinks!


Whenever I have people over I love making drinks! The only thing I used to know how to make was rum and coke, which is good but not very exciting! So a couple summers ago I decided I needed to be more exciting and perfect a new drink. I was going to take on the Mojito! I used to hate them and I think it was because the only ones I had tried had wayyyy to much mint in them. I don’t like the mint to be too overpowering. So lets start off with my first favorite drink recipe!

I always prefer to use mason jars to put my drinks in, they are cute and a great size. First take about 5 mint leaves, juice of half of a lime and a little sugar and muddle that all up! I don’t like my mojitos super sweet so I don’t add a ton of sugar like all the recipes call for, but you can adjust the sugar to make it however sweet you’d like! Next I add about 1 and a half shots of rum, I prefer Bacardi. Then fill up the mason jar with ice all the way to the top and then fill the rest of the jar with club soda. That’s it! If you are a coconut lover like myself switch it up and make a coconut mojito! For a really coconutty flavor use coconut rum and coconut La Croix in place of the club soda. This is my favorite combo! Especially nice and refreshing on a hot day!

Mojito Ingredients
1 ½ ounces rum
5 mint leaves
½ lime
Club Soda


My next obsession is Moscow Mules! Unfortunately I don’t open copper mugs so again I just use my mason jars for these. Moscow mules take only 3 ingredients! I do about 1 ½ shots of vodka, fill up the glass with ice and then fill the rest up with ginger beer and then squeeze about a half of lime in the glass and mix it all up. I prefer Trader Joes Ginger beer, I cant remember the name of it but it isn’t the one with extra ginger. That one is too gingery for me.

Moscow Mule Ingredients
1 ½ Vodka
Ginger Beer
½ Lime


Last but not least is Frosé! This one is perfect for girl’s night! You don’t need a fancy rosé to make this either. I normally use Esprial Rosé from Trader Joe’s and it’s a whopping $5! I will link the recipe I use to make this below. Instead of just throwing out the strawberries after you make the sauce I like to save them and put them in my drink for a tasty treat. Since our freezer is normally so full I just put the rosé in a tupperware container or whatever fits a whole bottle or two of rosé.





Happy drink making friends!


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