Thailand- Part 3

After Krabi we took a ferry over to Phi Phi island and yes it is pronounced PP, it just sounds weird to say LOL. This island has no cars on it and is pretty small so you can walk all over. The hotel we stayed at was at the far end of the island and was my least favorite hotel. The bathroom didn’t have a separated shower and toilet area and just grossed us out. The lady who checked me in nicknamed me Lindsay Lohan and called me that every time she saw us! It was pretty cute. The hotel worked because it was one of the cheaper ones on the island but I wouldn’t stay there again. It was called the Phi Phi Maiyada, again sweet staff but not my fave hotel.


One side of the island is low key with lots of restaurants and apparently the other side is more the party side. We stayed on the low key side haha. One of the nights we went to a free fire show on the beach! They were so incredibly talented but I was falling asleep in my chair I was so tired!



Our days in Phi Phi were filled at the beach getting our tan on! You could walk so far out and still only be waist deep in water! It was pretty unreal. I wont lie that the water kind of smelled like the sewer at times, so nasty! There were lots of options close to the beach to go grab food or get a drink. I finally had my Pina Colada on the beach. I love a good fruity drink while I am living my best life on the beach.



There are lots of places to see around Phi Phi, so we took a boat tour to all the popular destinations. It took us to Maya bay, monkey beach, Loh Samah Bay and a few other places. Maya bay was gorgeous!! The sand was the softest ever and the water color was so crazy amazing! I could of spent the whole day here! I would definitely recommend taking a boat tour so you can see all the gorgeous places around Phi Phi.


Look at the color of that water!
Maya Bay


Right by our hotel was a little convenience store run by a family that also did laundry. So we all decided to have our laundry done by them. It was pretty sad to see as all 3 of them plus a baby on the way, living in one small little room with a twin size mattress with no sheets. I noticed a lot of people lived at their place of work in a tiny space. But they all seemed so happy with what they had! It really makes you appreciate what you have at home even more when you see how other people live.

Baby Adam


One of my Thailand bucket list items was to do a fish pedicure! So when we were walking around we found a place and went ahead and tried it! They clean your feet before you go to the fish tank, nice to know it is clean!!  It was the weirdest thing. I am ticklish and it was extremely ticklish and the feeling of fish eating your dead skin was so weird! But we all made it the full 15 minutes. It really did make our feet so soft. Definitely give it a try!



We only had about 2 days in Phi Phi, if I were to go back I would stay at least 3 days. I would spend one whole day at Maya Bay soaking up the sun! One of the popular things to do on Phi Phi is the viewpoint hike. Since we didn’t have a lot of time we skipped this. I think we were also feeling a little lazy since it was so hot we didn’t feel like hiking! I don’t remember the name of the café we ate at, but it had the best waffles with fresh mangos on top! Of course the Pad Thai everywhere was to die for, but we had really really good pad thai,  masaman curry and fried rice at a place called Anna’s. You had to take your shoes off outside which gave it a really isalndy laid back feel. Make sure to check it out if you are there!



  • Maya Bay
  • Monkey Beach
  • Boat Cruise around the island
  • Dinner at Anna’s restaurant
  • Fish pedicure
  • Stay in the center of town

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