Thailand- Part 2

Our next stop was Krabi!On the plane I sat next to a couple from Germany and started chatting with them and they asked where we were staying so I let them know we were staying in Ao Nang and they were also staying there so he asked if we would want to share a taxi to the area. The movie Taken flashed in my mind, so I leaned over to my friends and asked them what they thought about it. I chatted with them the rest of the ride and decided they didn’t seem like they were going to try and kidnap us. We let him arrange the taxi and the price, we loaded up in the van and thought we would be on our way but they loaded it up full so we had to wait for a while and we were all annoyed cause we just wanted to get to our hotel since it was around 10 pm at this point.  This was the first and really only time we felt super unsafe, was on this ride to our hotel. It was nighttime and the driver started going down all these side roads and through neighborhoods and it just seemed strange, so I am thinking great we are going to get mugged and stranded somewhere, as I had read in lots of articles prior.  Well all of a sudden, he pulls over hops out and runs across the street to either a house or a business gives them something comes back and drives off again. Super weird and scary!! Everyone on the bus was nervous and the guy sitting in the back started using GPS to make sure he was taking us all to the right location. Thankfully he was, and we were the second stop so we didn’t have to stay on that sketchy ride any longer.


Our hotel in Krabi did not disappoint!! My oh my was it beautiful!! It was called the Verandah and was in a great location in town! Everywhere we went the staff was so great! Everyone wants to make sure you enjoy your stay. Breakfast was included at this hotel as well, they had such a huge spread! Pad thai, eggs, fried rice, toast, pastries and Nutella! What more could you need?!

Krabi had a totally different feel than Chiang Mai when you walk through town everyone is trying to get you to come eat at their restaurant, get a massage or sell you a tour. We had to learn to just ignore them. It was super annoying being hounded all the time.  The beach’s in Ao Nang were not super great so we hopped on a long tail boat over to Railay beach. This is where all my Thailand visions came to life, sitting on a gorgeous beach sippin a fresh coconut. I wish I could relive that moment over and over again. One of my favorite beaches ever!! Super soft sand and amazing views all around. There was one little strip of town where you could grab food or some sort of souvenir. We got our tan on and enjoyed the warm water. After a couple hours there it started pouring! Everyone was rushing to the boats to head back to town, but we jumped in the water and just rode the storm at, it only last about 20 minutes and there was something really special about being in a rainstorm in Thailand. I could of spent my whole trip at that beach and not of gotten tired of it!

Since I like to do the touristy things and all the must sees at most places I go we hopped on a boat to James Bond Island since everyone says its a must do. Ehh it was ok. I could of skipped it honestly. It was so overcrowded and the vendors there were sooo pushy and rude. Martha decided not to buy something cause the lady wanted a ridiculous amount for it and so she politely said no and as we were walking away the lady threw it at her! I wouldn’t even go near the vendors if I were you.


We took the standard pics and were over it. The tour also took us to a floating village for lunch. It was not bad but they hardly gave the table any food! Again the vendors here were not super friendly either and we were just over it. One of the other stops was at a temple cave that was filled with monkeys. I had no desire to feed the monkeys as I don’t trust them! I am not trying to get rabies on my trip. The best part about this was that it took us to a waterfall afterwards. I think they told us not to get in the water but other people were in it so we said why not. We made some friends from Ireland and Australia that we chatted with while we hung out in the water. It’s always so fun to meet people from all over the world, especially when they have nice accents!



During the day as we were walking around we walked down a little street that had some bars with pool tables and so we thought ooh this would be fun to come back to later when they are open and play a game of pool for something to do instead of being grandmas like we were most nights. So that night we went back and started playing pool, the place we were at was pretty dead and after a few minutes we started to get a weird feeling and after some dirty looks from the ladies we realized we were in the red light district! We paid for our water real quick and high tailed it outta there. We couldn’t believe we ended up there! Makes for a good laugh now.


We were in Krabi for 3 days and that was plenty. Again wasn’t a big fan of the town but loved Railay beach and next time I would plan to hang there every day, you can even rent a beach bungalow! Not a ton to do there but perfect for being a beach bum. Thailand seemed to have Indian food everywhere, so we did have Indian food a couple times in Krabi and it was so tasty!



  • The Verandah Hotel- $325 for 3 nights
  • Railay Beach
  • James Bond Island- If you feel the need the need to do something really touristy




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