Welcome to my first blog post! Still so weird to say. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while and then I figured why not. Even if no one reads it I will still have my travels documented to look back on. Anyways I figured I’d kick my blog off with a travel blog all about my first big international trip I took in 2015 with my BFF Kaitlynn. I always knew I wanted to travel but I never really tried to plan any kind of international trip, I had been a few places in the US, Canada and I did a cruise to Mexico for my senior trip, but we only ended up getting 2 days there, so I don’t really count it. So, when my friend Kaitlynn asked if I would want to go I told her no because I thought it would be to expensive and Ireland wasn’t on my list of places I wanted to go, so I didn’t think I’d really want to spend my money going there. Anyways a few months went by and she told me how much plane tickets were, and I said that’s all? Ok I’m in!
Fast forward about 6 months and I had landed in Ireland. I like to describe it as the land of 50 shades of green, every hill you look at has so many different shades of green. I was blown away at how gorgeous it was and kept thinking why did I not want to come here?! So if you have ever said I don’t want to go just buy your ticket, you will not regret it trust me. Kaitlynn did all the planning and I was just along for the ride. We stayed in a cute little apartment close to the Irish sea in a small town called Wexford. I would highly recommend staying in a small town as you really get a feel of what Ireland really is, homey and cozy. You will never meet nicer people than the Irish, they are extremely nice and every person will apologize about the weather.  However we went in February and had amazing weather for the most part!! Can we also talk about how amazing their accents are?! I could listen to them all day.


The one thing I had really wanted to do there was go see the Cliffs of Moher! I was constantly looking at pics of that online. The cliffs are sooo gorgeous! However when we pulled in to the parking lot it was pouring and extremely windy. It was such a let down. So we started in the gift shop and probably got a coffee or pastry to kill time in hopes that the rain would let up. Unfortunately it did not. So I forced Kaitlynn to go walk out to the viewpoint as she was hesitant since the weather was so terrible, but we had already paid and drove all the way there so I was determined to go see the cliffs. I had a windbreaker on and let me tell you I literally thought I was going to blow away as we were walking up there. I held onto the rock wall all the way there and on the way back! Since it was so foggy we didn’t get to see much of the cliffs. By the time we got back to the car we were completely soaked. Thankfully we had clothes in the car to change in too, but I only had pajamas. So when we made it back to a town to get food I changed in the car real quick. It was a good look, sweat pants tucked into my boots and a pullover top, very stylish. We found a place to eat and it was way fancier than we were expecting so after we were seated we felt really bad but we left…shocked they even let us in since I was  in pajamas! So we made our way to a Pub, I still felt out of place but much better than being at a fancy place in your sweats!

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

I’d highly recommend touring the Kilkenny castle and having lunch there. How many people can say they’ve eaten in a castle? It was such a cool castle to tour, I can only imagine what it would have been like to grow up there. All the other castles we went to we were only able to walk the grounds not actually go inside.


Killkenny Castle

We went to so many towns in Ireland its hard to touch on everywhere without making this post 10 pages long. Belfast was super cute and I’d love to be able to spend more time there. We also passed through Galway which was adorable as well. Even if you just turn of your GPS and get lost you will stumble upon some amazing views. Getting lost in Ireland is a must!
The amount of talented singers they have there was unreal. Every pub we went to had some of the best live music I’ve ever heard. When we were in Wexford we went to the local pub called Maggie Mays and they had live music every night. Our bartender Johnny was so nice and was more than happy to talk to his new American friends and answer all the questions we had about Ireland or Irish people. Like how there are no house numbers on any of the houses, super weird to us! I would be lost all the time. On our last night in Wexford we went back to Maggie Mays and I started chatting with the guy that was playing music that night and when it was time to play one of his last songs he dedicated it to the two American girls whose last night it was in Wexford. And then to make the night even better Johnny let us come behind the bar and take pics pretending like we were pouring a beer. Probably one of my fave nights on the trip.

Maggie Mays-2.jpg

Ok I’ve saved the best for last. Lets talk about the food! If you love fries you need to go and visit the Brazen Head and order a couple baskets of fries with garlic mayo. Thank me later. Of course the fish and chips were to die for. Never have had fresher fish and chips. This was pre plant based Lyndsy LOL. I can’t, nor do I want to count the number of pastries we consumed. We always said oh we deserve another pastry we’ve been walking for a while now. We also discovered the most amazing croissant with Wexford cheese and ham. I was trying to figure out how I could pack them home with me without them going bad. I am sure everyone is wondering about the Guinness, and yes it was amazing! I highly recommend doing the Guinness factory tour. They teach you how to pour the perfect beer. If you do the tour make sure you go up to the top and you have an amazing view of the city.

Fish and Chips-2

Overall this was an amazing trip and I tell everyone that if they are thinking about Ireland that they just need to go. You will not regret it!! I also might of shed a few tears on our last day there it was that amazing. If you want any other tips or recommendations I am more than happy to tell you more!




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